Attract New
Residents to your
Property &
Increase Revenue!

The FasCard system works with existing coin laundry machines and allows you to accept credit or debit cards, loyalty cards and in-app Apple pay in your laundry room.
Who Doesn’t like FREE?

New Residents
FasCards “Roll into Rent” feature gives you the option to add laundry costs right into rent prices, allowing you to advertise your property with “Free Laundry”. Your residents will receive a laundry card that auto-fills with the same amount each month, creating a hassle-free laundry experience
Technology-based Amenities

Current Residents
“I don’t have to wait in the laundry room.”
Renters are drawn to properties that utilize technology to create a more convenient living experience for them. The FasCard mobile app allows residents to add value, manage laundry cards, remotely check machine availability and receive cycle completion notifications.
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Keep your property safe!
“We never collect a coin.”
Let’s face it, it’s just not safe to carry bags of money around. Your machines are also susceptible to vandalism and theft, that can leave you with costly damage. FasCard can minimize or eliminate these issues by simply getting rid of the need for coins.
It’s ok to raise prices

Property Manager
Using incremental vend pricing with FasCard, allows you to increase your laundry pricing by smaller amounts over time, without the restriction of having to use quarter increments.
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Remember, “Time is Money”
“Now we manage our own laundry rooms.”
Collecting coins from each machine in your facility is a time consuming and risky business. If you are paying someone else to do it for you, that is still money out of your pocket, combined with the uncertainty of how much is actually being collected. FasCard allows you to manage your laundry room remotely from your laptop, smartphone or tablet to see real-time profits and sales data.

Don’t ignore your laundry room!

To stay ahead of the competition, it is important for your community to offer amenities that provide a convenient living experience for current and potential residents. A FasCard system for your laundry room can do just that!
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