CCI Laundry Cards Are Cost Effective!

Once you commit to utilizing a card system it's important to remember that you will have to keep your system stocked with cards for laundry customers to use. Since the Laundromat customer is generally a renter it's not unusual for cards to leave the store as the customers move or loose their cards. For this reason LaundryCard™ was designed to use Magnetic Striped Cards rather then Smart Cards. Informally known as Mag Stripe cards, this technology has been in use by the banking industry for decades. Because of the wide spread use of this type of card the economy of scale allows us to offer these cards at a fraction of the cost of a Smart Card. Ultimately this keeps the store owners on going card replacement costs at a minimum.

CCI Laundry Cards are personalized for your business, we can print just about any kind of image or logo you like. Cards like the one pictured above were personalized at no charge, it's included with the purchase of the card. If you would like to have a completely custom card designed and printed we can do that too!


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